WLAN Pi Handheld Case Kit

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Let me guess, you are already the proud owner of a silver WLAN Pi, but now you fancy encasing it in the warm fuzzy embrace of an authentic Joel Crane design 3D Printed WLAN Pi Handheld case...

You are in the right place!

The WLAN Pi Handheld kit includes everything you need to enshrine your silver WLAN Pi into the official WLAN Pi Handheld case!

Please Note that the older black WLAN Pi is NOT compatible with this case, as it does not have the USB port in the correct position for the Wi-Fi adapter. Only the "physically silver" WLAN Pi will work with in this case.

What the kit includes:


The case is printed with PETG, which offers a balance between rigidity and flexibility.
You need to remove the SD card during assembly! Once the WLAN Pi has been assembled into it's case you can easily access the microSD card without disassembly.

What is NOT included in this kit! You will need to provide:
The included official sticker may be affixed to the front of the WLAN Pi Handheld case, providing at-a-glance information such as the default IP address, username, and password. To assemble the WLAN Pi into it's case...


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