Packet Potato Kit

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The Packet Potato is a packet analyzer! Or... is it a spectrum analyzer? It's a big hard to tell which it is, but either way, it's probably the worst one of those two things, ever.

The Packet Potato is a wearable electronic badge that uses an ESP8266 to listen for 802.11 frames on a specific channel. The channel is changeable at any time by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons on either side of the 14-segment display. When the Packet Potato hears an OFDM frame, it blinks the "OFDM" shape. If it hears a DSSS frame, it blinks the "DSSS" shape. It also have "MGMT", "CTRL", and "DATA" LED's that blink the frame type, each time a frame is heard.

You can see why it's difficult to tell whether it's a packet analyzer, or a spectrum analyzer!

The Packet Potato is powered by a 3.7v LiPo battery, and uses an external Adafruit MicroLiPo charger, both of which are included in the kit.

DIY Kit Details

The DIY kit includes all of the parts that you need to build the Packet Potato. While some soldering experience is recommended, it is designed to be easy-to-solder, with all through-hole components. A few tools are recommended, such as a good soldering iron, a circuit board holder, and flush cutters. If you'd like some recommendations for tools, you can find some in the build instructions below.

The ESP8266 microcontroller is housed on a WeMos D1 Mini, which plugs into the back of the Packet Potato, and has a MicroUSB port for programming. All instructions, including how to write firmware to the Packet Potato, are included in the build instructions below.



You can find the build instructions, firmware, and recommendations for soldering tools on the PotatoFi Packet Potato page.

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